The Demographics of Diversity

When we were asked to launch a brand in the diverse and dynamic neighborhood of Downtown Brooklyn we were immediately excited. Our primary challenge was to enable a new 1.8 million square foot development to seamlessly fit into the centuries old landscape. In Brooklyn people from all walks of life fit together creatively. They acknowledge... Read More

  • toddstreet consults for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games

    Our Director of Production, Gail Seay, is currently consulting for the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games 2016 Sports Presentation and Victory Ceremonies! In this capacity, she will be giving presentations on the fundamentals of a Victory Ceremony, sharing lessons learned from London 2012, and highlighting Victory Ceremony milestones for Rio 2016. Gail will also be... Read More

    Advancements in Ambient Intelligence

    By: Ryan Carter This is just the beginning. Imagine, technology may one day know you better than you know you, and will learn behaviors to respond based on your prior actions. This is called ambient technology, or Ambient Intelligence and soon it will be all around us. It’s hard to imagine when this will take... Read More

    Panels, Pixels and Picas:

    As part of our initiative to learn a little more about our staff, we thought National Comic Book Day was a good opportunity to sit down with one of our Senior Designers (and resident Cartoonist) Kyle Rose, to talk about the comic industry and how it draws parallels with what he does here at toddstreet.... Read More

  • White House InstaMeet

    The White House opened its doors to social media, and toddstreet was selected to be there for the momentous occasion. The first full day of spring in Washington, D.C. this year brought with it a different kind of new life. On March 21st, the White House hosted the first event aimed at strengthening the administration’s... Read More

    The Evolution of Internal Communication

    Successful internal communications are increasingly brief, relevant, and anecdotal. Our Communications Project Manager, Kaitlin Strickland shares some key takeaways about the evolving nature of internal communication as gleaned at a recent Meetup of the New York Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). By now, it’s evident that our collective attention spans have... Read More

    The Power of the Demo

    toddstreet breathes new life into a classic marketing technique. Ask Josh Brusin–our new Director of Communications Strategy–how to use marketing to make a lasting impression on audiences and he’ll likely recommend: demos. Demos, which can come in the form of stills (print ads, and infographics), video (commercials and educational shorts), and sampling—for when the superiority... Read More

  • Inspiration Series: Art Basel

    We find inspiration for our work in a lot of unexpected places—nature, media, personal relationships, even our morning commute. For our CEO and President, Todd Street, one way he feeds his creative vision—and adds to our team’s ever evolving playbook — is through art. Every December, Todd makes a pilgrimage to Art Basel ( —a... Read More