The Demographics of Diversity

When we were asked to launch a brand in the diverse and dynamic neighborhood of Downtown Brooklyn we were immediately excited. Our primary challenge was to enable a new 1.8 million square foot development to seamlessly fit into the centuries old landscape.

In Brooklyn people from all walks of life fit together creatively. They acknowledge each other’s similarities and differences. Most importantly they pride themselves on their own identities, their own character. That’s how they see the value of their neighborhood– character. At its core, our segmentation, we realized, was diversity.

We created strategic frameworks and thought about how to make a creative statement while sharing the spotlight with our established neighbors. We looked at our goals and recognized that to be able to establish ourselves authentically we needed to be able to simply serve as a reflection of the individuals and enable the dynamism that is such a measure of Brooklyn through pop-up events and experiences.

While talk of demographics, reach, conversion rates, micro-targeting, etc. is often the domain of media planning and buying, we looked at it as integral to the creative direction of our campaign. We wanted to fit-in in a neighborhood where nothing really logically fit. But people aren’t logical.

Our fully integrated campaign came to life across web, print, social, out of home and experiential that leveraged City Point’s BKLN BORN tagline and gave people a platform to share the little things that made them so unique. Print advertising combined candid portraits with words representing unusual items from their recent shopping trips.

Social and digital channels married this approach to Brooklynites with a steady stream of content curated from retailers, Target, Century21, Alamo Drafthouse, Trader Joe’s and DeKalb Market Hall, to name a few. Distilling these brands down to the faces of their employees helped to create a common neighborhood context even with the most national of brands.

In the end this campaign couldn’t have worked in any other place. It was the way we envisioned City Point transforming the neighborhood without changing a thing.

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