How We Care

This holiday season, toddstreet is getting back to the basics of giving.

More than 62 thousand people will be on the streets...

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More than 62 thousand people will be on the streets of NYC this winter, with 24 thousand of them being children. With the holidays coming, and really reflecting on the year behind us, we wanted a way to share with those less fortunate than ourselves. So we decided to collect basic items like soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, coats, gloves, socks, etc. and send them to the Bowery Resident’s Committee to be put to good use.

The Bowery Residents’ Committee, a transitional service that specializes in assisting the homeless, is one of the largest and oldest organizations in New York City. For 45 years, they have successfully moved people from the streets into permanent housing, serving more than 11 thousand people through their programs just last year alone. Hearing this, we realized how much the BRC is able to accomplish but also how much demand these services are in; right here in our own city.

Such basic items for us are monumental for those who do not have access to them. This communal effort really humbled us and allowed everyone an opportunity to give back on behalf of #tsCARES.

For more information on the Bowery Resident’s Committee or how you can help, please visit here


North Brooklyn Angels

This November 2018, a number of toddstreet employees rolled up...

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This November 2018, a number of toddstreet employees rolled up their sleeves to volunteer for the North Brooklyn Angels, a mobile soup kitchen serving hot meals to residents of North Brooklyn in need (spanning Greenpoint, Bushwick and Williamsburg).

Over the 4 days of service, our team joined other volunteers to prepare meals, serve them from the AngelMobile food truck and return to the kitchen to prepare for the following day.

In a year on the streets, fueled by volunteer power, North Brooklyn Angels has addressed the local meal gap by serving over 33,400 free hot & healthy meals.

The Meal Gap, New York City’s official measure of food insecurity, represents the meals missing from the homes of people struggling with food insecurity — that is, when household food budgets fall too short to secure adequate, nutritious food year-round. The meal gap in North Brooklyn ranges from 11 meals to 0.9 meals, depending on the survey area.

Formerly three working-class and industrial neighborhoods, this part of Brooklyn has been rapidly gentrifying since the 1990s. As the area continues to transform with an explosion of development, skyrocketing real estate values, an inundation of bars, trendy restaurants, & cafes, and the continual use of Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and Bushwick as a lifestyle prop, it must be recognized that amidst all this wealth and buzz, there is hunger, displacement pressure, and economic uncertainty for the working poor, the homeless, and the low income residents struggling to remain in our community.

What started as a few people cooking meals for a homeless shelter has flourished into a much bigger mission. Today, with a fully functional kitchen and a 40ft food truck, volunteers are equipped to prep and cook 900 healthy meals a week for the area.

We are humbled by the work the organization does everyday to serve members of the community and were grateful to participate. toddstreet looks forward to partnering again soon!

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SAVE, A Friend to Homeless Animals

Recently, we were asked if we could donate our services...

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Recently, we were asked if we could donate our services to produce a video for a fundraising Gala for SAVE, A Friend to Homeless Animals Shelter.

Given that animal rescue has a special place in our hearts with multiple staff having adopted their beloved pets from shelters, we were more than happy to assist.

We managed to produce the shoot in between many video projects, several snow storms, and scheduling a small crew to be available to go out and shoot several times. (never work with animals or children, right!?)

Craig, our Video Producer, saved the day and was able to get the shoot finalized before SAVE’s major fundraising Gala.

For more information about SAVE, click here.


Partnering with Motherhood in Focus

When the managing editor of, a Disney Interactive parenting...

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When the managing editor of, a Disney Interactive parenting website, reached out to us about supporting a pro-bono initiative for Mother’s Day, we jumped on the opportunity. Babble’s Motherhood in Focus campaign honors hard-working, single moms from low-income NYC communities who are rarely in photos with their kids; instead, they are always the ones taking the photos.

Professional photographer, Ahna Tessler, and Babble decided to change that. Ahna spent hours with the families, capturing special moments of these moms and their children. The photos would be made into albums and canvases and unveiled to the moms at the April 30th event. So Sara Goldberg, one of our producers, gathered a team together and we got to work!

After meeting with the Babble team and hearing their vision, we began the search for the perfect venue – a space that could drive focus to the 25 photo canvases. The Helen Mills event hall fit all the requirements!

We volunteered our time over the last 2 months designing floor plans, developing a run of show, securing catering that included donations from local bakeries, managing lighting and production logistics and overseeing the branding and deliverables which came to life with printing donated by our incredible print partner, Refined Sight. IMG_3044We brainstormed with Babble on a daily basis, bouncing ideas off of each other and partnering in the creative development of the event.

toddstreet photographer, Eli Tawil, graciously donated his time, and talent, to shoot the event, capturing the extraordinary moms in the moments when the images of their families were revealed for the first time.

A HUGE thank you to Audra Jones, Meaghan Pratt, Eli Tawil, Kate Moran and Chelsea Parry for their incredible efforts on making this event a huge success! We are proud to support Babble, Motherhood in Focus, and the wonderful families they represent.

Click here to view Babble’s video about the initiative and event!


Friends of Hudson River Park

A toddstreet team member welcomes spring by volunteering at a...

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A toddstreet team member welcomes spring by volunteering at a city park.

When Caitlin Halle, one of our Project Managers, told us she wanted to take a day off to go to the park, she didn’t mean she wanted to catch up on her tan. This April, Caitlin volunteered at Friends of Hudson River Park an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to the completion, care, and enhancement of Hudson River Park.

Caitlin, an Illinois native, relocated to New York five years ago, and immediately sought out the city’s green spaces for recreation and to remain connected with nature. Hudson River Park, with its wide boardwalks and pristine lawns became a personal favorite, and she hopes everyone can benefit from city parks like it.

“It’s important, especially in such a big city, to have spaces for children to get to enjoy sports and where families can form a community, says Caitlin, “The parks and piers along the Hudson allow families from all over to come enjoy summertime activities, sports, and camps that they might not otherwise have access to.”

Caitlin helped greet guests at the organization’s first-annual event, which was hosted by a committee of celebrities including Martha Stewart, Brooke Shields, and Nate Berkus. The organization treated donors to a performance by singer Janelle Monae and haut cuisine from the French eatery Le District, raising nearly $500,000 in the process.

We couldn’t agree more with Caitlin and Friends of Hudson River Park about the importance of taking care of our green spaces. It wouldn’t quite be spring in the city without them.


Community Kitchen & Food Pantry in Harlem

Audra recently worked at the Community Kitchen & Food Pantry...

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Audra recently worked at the Community Kitchen & Food Pantry in Harlem and her service at the kitchen included food prep for hundreds of Harlem residents along with a new task for her of washing dishes! The experience continues to be a rewarding one and she will remain a regular at the kitchen.