Product Launch and Training Meeting

An Empowering,
Technology-Driven Meeting

A 4000 person, multi-day product launch and training meeting to capitalize upon the year-long campaign for this revolutionary product.

To truly immerse the attendees in the theme of this breakthrough product launch meeting, the general session kicked off with a somber video reminding attendees of the danger that the disease state still presents to the patient community. In a spectacular opening moment, a massive sunrise was cast across the huge ballroom through dramatic lighting. Music and aerial performers then filled the ballroom shifting the entire tone of the experience from one of doom to an uplifting, celebratory moment for this patient and the product.

This celebratory theme continued throughout the launch, driven by the custom-developed launch campaign app. The app drove logistics and multiple interactive experiences, such as a live game show, AR and VR experiences, and touchscreen training technology to drive immersive learning throughout the entire meeting. 

A news-style broadcast with captivating host, Oz Pearlman, ensured consistency of messaging for all training workshops, real-time course corrections, and an entertaining emcee presence.

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