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Challenged to radically evolve their existing 'Technology Portal' showrooms, we collaborated with Ricoh to create a completely new showroom concept, the Ricoh Customer Experience Center (CEC).

Comparative to a gallery or workshop, the CEC's showcase and sell all Ricoh technologies. They offer a space to enhance relationships with dealers, train and onboard new associates and to launch new products and services. With an elegant boardroom and theater space they are also utilized to host events with dealer partners and distributors.

Utilizing their innovative technology as the key focus of the experience, the space offers a customized journey for each visitor, based on their vertical or product requirements. It is much more curated than the prior ‘Technology Portals’ where guests had to view content in a linear format regardless of their specific needs.

The CEC was developed with Ricoh’s environmental commitment front of mind. Embracing their green manufacturing processes and compliance with major energy ratings, the space includes multiple uses of reclaimed materials. It also demonstrates Ricoh’s printing capacity on different substrates, which further promotes the use of recycled output products. 

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