Our Team

We’re more than your agency.
We’re your advocates.

Our team is a diverse group of people with exceptional backgrounds and talents. And we all share one thing in common: we’re passionate about our work and how we do it.

toddstreet was founded on a simple principle: to work as your brand’s champion, putting relationships, trust and integrity at the forefront of everything we do.

It’s why we have so many loyal and repeat clients. Work with us and see what it’s like to work with a company that always puts your interests first.

"I enjoy learning the unseen workings of technology to enable our team to create magic."

Ryan Carter

"I love working with my toddstreet family. I always look forward to us collaborating with our long-time and new clients to bring them successful outcomes."

Anchi Friedman

"It's the people. The toddstreet team is what motivates me every day."

Dave Marino

"After 26 years, I still love what I do for a living. Live or virtual, large shows or small, I still get that same adrenaline rush when the “doors” are about to open."

Michael Portnoy

"Designing transformative training programs"

Bob Bucina

"Helping create extraordinary memories and making my own along the way."

Gianna Polizzotto

"I love being on a team that refuses to fail. In every situation, I can count on my colleagues to keep the best interests of the client in mind and to never give up on achieving our goals."

Frank Cannava

"Our commitment and loyalty drive our passion. For the work we do, for the creative ideas we share, and for exceeding our clients' expectations."

Marge Hoppe

"The work itself is fast-paced and high-energy but it's the culture of togetherness and support that allows us to explore experiences beyond the norm. The trust and relationships built amongst colleagues, partners and clients allow us to really think outside the box to provide the best user experience across the board."

Jaleesa Francois

"What fuels my passion is the creative solutions that are driven by clearly defined project restraints."

Sean Metcalf

"The moment of joy on our client and audience's faces when we deliver the creative magic."

Laurence Bye

"I'm inspired by the diversity of our team's thought capital, our identity as creative pioneers, and truly value the trusted relationships we cultivate."

Todd Street

"It’s the opportunity to work with a very talented and diverse group of people to combine ideas, imagination, and expertise to bring stories to life."

Ronnie Litwack

"I love the collaboration within our team and our clients that leads to exciting new creative and strategic solutions that always exceed expectations."

Kate Briggs

"Weaving unexpected creativity into every project, be it a communications campaign, a launch meeting or a sales training workshop."

Aimee Adams

"There is no better feeling than designing an experience that can change someone forever."

Evan Street

"I am lucky enough to work with some of the most hard working and passionate people in the industry. They ignite the same desire within me."

Marta Star

"I once heard that every great dream begins with a dreamer. I believe passion fuels those big dreams. At toddstreet we bring the energy to every single project to make those dreams become reality."

Craig Hettche

"There’s nothing better than starting the day with a blank ‘canvas’ and ending with something I’m proud I’ve created."

Kyle Rose

"The beautiful coming together of creativity and production is what motivates me to strive for excellence with our clients."

Meaghan Pratt

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