Blockbuster Launch

High Octane Sales Motivation

Creating a product launch that became the fastest therapeutic product ever to reach Blockbuster status.

toddstreet conceptualized the creative, communications content, true-to-life training immersion, event design and production management for this 3000 person blockbuster product launch featuring a huge general session plus 160 breakout training rooms. 

Eye-catching scenic design was centered around the product name. The general session incorporated a 50 piece orchestra performing a custom-made brand anthem for this event. The gamification throughout the event included a ‘March Madness’ style, bracketed model-sales-call sales competition. As the pinnacle of the climactic closing session, the final round of this competition was held live in an enormous college basketball arena with all attendees watching, creating a high amount of suspense. 

Training was broadcast from a replica medical practice studio ensuring that this sales team left the event not only extremely motivated but also educated to succeed.

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